Sunday, September 23, 2012


"I won't be told. I will not be told. I will be shown, I will be inspired, I will be led. But I won't be told." - Stephen Fry

"I Will Not Be Told", the quote I once heard from a personal hero of mine, while he was defining the difference between revealed vs discovered truth.

That short statement became my anthem in my present day attempt to leave the doctrines and dogmas of my childhood extremist upbringing. Today I am still the woman who, although always seems to do her own thing, continues to follow the dictum of my community. 

No one knows of the deep personal struggles I deal with on a daily basis. I have long discredited the authenticity of the life I lead and the life my friends and family leads. I have realized the fallacies in their statements, the elitism in their attitudes and the hypocrisy in their teachings. But I am still stuck living the facade, because frankly I am petrified of what lays past it. I know that leaving will hurt my family, the only part of this life that I truly love and care about. I know that it will mean burning all present bridges. That is a terrifying thought for me.

So I created this blog as temporary respite from definite insanity. I hope to share, vent, cry, and probably yell about all the aspects of "being told" that I can not handle or silently let by me anymore.

I think that you as readers are experiencing the beginning of what will be a journey of my personal Enlightenment, my personal sprouting of the Dark Aged cocoon that I have been inhabiting for the 24 years of my life.Thank you all for listening.

Never Be Told!


  1. Wow! Just found you! I cant wait to read more!

  2. While many who are craving "to leave" start off (on?) by blogging... this one here is unique. deep. I'm looking forward, not only for her "leaving", but rather for her internal salvation form this trapped young - intelegent - woman.
    May others join her journey as well.

  3. Read the nefesh Chaim